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Humanities Curriculum

The Humanities Program offers an individualized major and minor.

The Humanities Major

The major is a highly individualized path focused on the interdisciplinary study of the liberal arts. Emphasis is placed on critical examination and disciplined reflection in pursuit of an integrated understanding of a particular theme in the humanities. The major provides a strong liberal arts education that can serve as excellent preparation for all professions.

In consultation with the director, each student develops a personal course of study. This plan is typically organized around one or more of our central themes (God, the human person, politics, and beauty). Individual study plans are created by a judicious and focused selection of courses from the Humanities Program and other recognized humanities departments, with the possible addition of other selected courses. To enter the major, a student must have a grade point average of 2.5. From the time of entry, an overall grade point average of 2.75 must be maintained.

Required Courses

In addition to the undergraduate core degree requirements, students must complete:

  • HUM 175 – Introduction to Humanities
  • HUM 480 – Humanities Capstone
  • Fine Arts: Three semester hours in addition to the three semester hour core requirement, consisting of any course chosen from a variety of approved and so designated fine arts courses.
  • Foreign Language: Twelve semester hours, normally from one language.
  • Humanities Electives: In consultation with an advisor, each student selects 15 credits from the Humanities Program or the fields of art, classics, foreign language, history, literature, music, philosophy, theatre, and theology, with the possible addition of other selected courses. Courses at the 200 level and above are preferred.

The Minor in Catholic Humanities

The minor in Catholic Humanities, administered by the Humanities Program, provides a strong foundation in the interdisciplinary study of the humanities within the context of the Catholic intellectual tradition. Students are required to take HUM 175, HUM 325 or HUM 326, and HUM 480. These courses are complemented by three additional thematically related courses chosen in consultation with the Program Director.

  • Minor in Catholic Humanities
    HUM 175 – Introduction to Humanities
    HUM 325 – The Catholic Intellectual Tradition or HUM 326 – The Dominican Intellectual Tradition
    HUM 480 – Humanities Capstone
    9 credits contributing to the consideration of a focused theme chosen in consultation with the director

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